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Our Prices

Psychology Patient

Counselling and Mediation Session

Each session 50 mins

£45.00 online counselling session

£55.00 In person counselling session

£50.00 Mediation per person 

£75.00 Couples counselling per session

£75.00 Family therapy per session 

Youth Counseling

6 Counselling Sessions

Each counselling session lasts 50 mins. This will credit you 6 x 50 min sessions with a 5% discount.

Support Groups

12 Counselling Sessions

Each counselling session lasts 50 min. This will credit you 12 x 50 min sessions with a 10% discount.

Save 5%

Save 10%

DISCLAIMER - All payments are to be paid and have clear funds 48 hours prior to the session. Late payments or declined payments will not be accepted and the session will be cancelled. Please refer to my cancellation policy for cancelled sessions by you. Please pay either by BACs, cash or card. A payment link will be sent to you for all card payments

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